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Polwel Super Market, an Enterprise of Bangladesh Police Co-operative Society Ltd was established in the year 1965. With the objective of rendering some financial facilities to all member of police force, Bangladesh Police Co-operative Society Ltd came into existence as a brain child of the then IGP Mr. Alamgir Kabir and DIG Mr. M A Haque of the then East Pakistan police. Through lot of test and trials, in the year 1981 the Market was leased out to the lesser for 99 (ninety nine) year with renewal facilities of every ten years against payment of renewal allotment fee as per stipulation in the deed of agreement . Inspector general of police of Bangladesh remains as ex officio chairman of the Board of Director and one additional IGP remains as Managing director of Bangladesh Police Co-operative Society Ltd which include seven more directors from different ranks of Bangladesh police for management of their different projects under the society.

To run the market smoothly, effectively and efficiently a registered shop owners Association is in existence in the market normally to look after the interest of the shop owners/lesser. It can proudly be told that shop owners Association is one of the best among the existing others in Dhaka city because of its honesty, sincerity team spirit and rationality. It consist of one president, three vice president, one secretary, two joint secretary, eight secretarial members and eight others general Members.

The present president Mr. Moni Talukder is running his presidency continuously for last twenty two yers only because of whole-hearted support of shop owners, his honesty tenacity, devotion, integrated skill and earnest efforts for the upliftment of the business interest of shop owners as a whole all businessmen of the market. As such the market earned a reputation of international status by virtue of involving importation of foreign branded merchandising as well as wholesaling and retailing these to the final consumers. Now the name and fame of the market has spread over the whole country attractive the potential buyers.